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Hotel Presidential is located in te heart of the Garden city Portharcourt, the capital of Rivers state, Nigeria and less than an hour drive from the international and domestic airport.

Hotel Presidential is an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. The 5-star status is reflected through its 241 tastefully furnished rooms and 53 spacious suites, in addition to several banquet halls.

Hotel Facilties


Banqueting Facilities

Restaurants and Bars 

Other Facilities 

Conference Rooms x 2 Rivers Restaurant  Gym
Portharcourt Room 4.5.6 Chinease Restaurant  Tennis Court x 2
Royal Banquet Hall Why Not Lebanease restaurant  Table Tennis & Mini Foot
Royal Banquet Foyer Bamboo Bush Bar  Swimming Pool
Main Banquet Hall Garden Café Bar  Unisex Hairdressing Salon
Main Banquet Foyer Platinum Night Club  
Atlantic Hall    
The Tent    



Hotel Facilities

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Honeymoon - Garden City


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Enjoy a beautiful time with your loved one as you leave the altar. Explore the freshness of marital bliss the Garden City has to offer with a cozy ambience at the Hotel Presidential.

Package Includes:

*** 3 Nights Accommodation
*** Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Two Persons)
*** Tour to National War Museum
*** Movie Tickets (Two Persons)
*** Candle light dinner (One Night)
*** Honeymoon bed topped with Rose petals
*** Free fruit platter and chocolate in room for couple.

Starting From NGN 230,000

(Customised package available)