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Christmas In The Clouds

Obudu Mountain Resort

Cross River
Tour Type: Group Vacation
04 Days 03 Nights
N370,999 Per Couple

Christmas made in the clouds

Enjoy a memorable Christmas at the Obudu Mountain Resort, one of Africa's finest and most magnificent destinations. it is a tourist haven with its inviting natural endowment to be explored. It possesses a temperate climate due to its high altitude. Join amazing tourists who would be creating memories on the mountains of Obudu. 

Explore the beautiful landscape of Obudu Mountain Resort and have a memory to cherish for life. Stay at the gorgeous luxury accommodation and swim across the grotto natural pool. Take a breathtaking walk on the nature trails with the canopy walk and dine at the romantic restaurant on the resort. Visit the Holy mountains to have a breathtaking view of the Cameroon border and excite yourself with an amazing ride on the cable car, giving you an aerial view of the resort + bird watching and other interesting activities curated for a wonderful experience.

Package Included/Excluded
  • Transportation (from Enugu)
  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Cable Car Ride & Waterpark
  • Visit to Holy Mountain / Cameroon Border View Point
  • Bonfire Night and Entertainment
  • Fun Activities for Kids & Games
  • Adventure to Igaga Waterfall
  • Travel Insurance & Security
  • Visa Not Included
Destination Map Location
Day 1
Airport Transfers

With our coordinated arrivals into Enugu, you will be picked up from the Akanu Ibiam International Airport en-route the Obudu Mountain Resort. You will be received by a Motley Rep at the airport. 

Beautiful mountains and interesting sights of settlement along your route will give you a basic idea of how welcoming Cross River could be.

You bet, it has been a fun ride to Obudu and now you yearn much more than when your trip started to see Nigeria's most loved destination. Be guided that you will be out of network coverage as you make the last 60km leading you to the foot of the mountain, at the gate. Ensure that your loved ones are not worried just in case they are unable to reach you for that length of drive.

The views leading you to the foot of the mountain is nothing compared to what awaits you as you make your way up the mountain. There are 21 bends on a beautifully meandering road taking you up to the resort. Catch your breath because you will be wowed at the gracious view of nature. We advise you to stay away from looking through the windows if you have phobia for height. Take as much pictures as you can take, but save your battery because more interesting times awaits you at the resort.

You will be checked-in and you can have the rest of the day to yourself for rest and relaxation

Day 2
Christmas Day
Facility Tour & Holy Mountain

Obudu is one place you will love to wake up to see a whole new world. From walking in the clouds to hearing sonorous sounds of the birds: the feeling is just awesome and simply irresistible. Anyways, glad that you are able to survive the cold of the night; thanks to the room warmer installed in every room to keep you warm. Obudu mountain resort is one place where you do not have air conditioners installed in the rooms - hope this sends a message.

Its a bright, beautiful and cold morning, you definitely should take a walk around and appreciate the beauty of nature. The gym is open from 6.30am, you may choose to have some work-out or just gaze as the beautiful birds hop from one tree to another, in excitement of your presence.

Depending on what part of the resort you are staying, it may just be ideal for you to take a seat at the Steak house restaurant for breakfast. You may want to get back to your room and freshen up before coming for breakfast, the choice is entirely up to you. Its an unusual place, so don't bother about taking unusual cause of action, just enjoy the moment and be you.

After breakfast, you will join other tourists and be ready to start the day on a facility tour of the resort. Ensure you have enough battery life in your phone or camera because its a mix bag of wow and taking pictures.

Your next stop after the facility tour would be the Cable car ride. This is usually the best experience on the resort for everyone. Its definitely worth looking forward to. The cable car takes you to the foot of the mountain where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun experience at the waterpark with slides and other attraction. Ensure to pack your swim wear for that memorable experience

After lunch (out of pocket), upon return to the top of the mountain, and a well deserved rest, you will sure get some entertainment at the bar where you can relax, or you choose to gaze into the mountains and appreciate the wonderful landscape around.

There just is so much to see and do on the resort. Your guide will definitely point you to other interesting activities around like horse riding, games and more.

Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to be seated for dinner.

Day 3
Boxing Day
Becheeve Nature Reserve & Holy Mountains

Its yet another brand new day and you already have too much to take in. You probably have had the time to share a few pictures to friends and families. Great move - they should be thinking of doing same sometime. Always remember to show them the path to the Motley experience. We are simply good at what we do. 

Your workout routine should be activated and after breakfast, you will join other tourists to go on tours scheduled for the day. A visit to the Becheeve nature reserve where you get to walk on a 60m long canopy walk way. Its a breathtaking experience. Be warned not to leave anything hanging on you as you may NEVER recover it again if it falls into the forest beneath you.

You may get scared at first but never mind, you should get a grip on the supporting guard to give you some confidence after a few steps. You can spend as much time as you may wish appreciating nature and definitely, the experience keeps you wondering - WHY!! 

As you finish from the nature reserve its time to take a trip to the Holy Mountain. From the Holy Mountains, you can catch a glimpse of the Cameroon border. There is also a waterfall around there, where you definitely would want to spend some time.

When you get back, you will have the rest of the evening to yourself. You may choose to spend some time at the Grotto - a natural swimming pool, just incase you didn't have enough time to unravel the waterpark.

Memories are never complete if they are not documented. So take sometime to be sure that your pictures are intact and beautifully taken. You may want to have a retake, just to have the perfect shot.

Dinner is served.


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Ondo State
Christmas on Idanre Hills
Enjoy our exciting package for your family and friends. This Christmas, lets explore the South West of Nigeria.

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Day 4
Check-Out and Airport Transfers

Everything good they say comes to an end at some point. Its now time to wrap things up in the first phase of your vacation. Ensure your bags are properly packed and you are not leaving anything behind. We don't want you to have a reason to ruin the beautiful memories you have just made on your well deserved vacation. 

You will join the tour bus to Enugu to catch your flight back to your respective destinations.

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