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Cross River National Park

Cross River State
Tour Type: Adventure
04 Days 03 Nights
N189,282 Per Couple

Listen To Your Inner Self

If you want to disconnect from the distractions of life and be one with nature, then this is the right place to be, for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the serenity of a pristine natural environment surrounded by vast flora and fauna. A visit to the Cross River National Park sets you up for a commune with your inner self and discovery. The package has variations which includes; Regular, Premium and Super Premium.

This carefully curated package offers you accommodation in the beautiful chalets situated in the Park, while you engage in a walking safari to explore the natural endowment in the park. You also get to explore the city of Calabar on a sightseeing and a tour of the slave history museum at the Marina resort where you can also have a boat cruise to the Twin island - where the killing of twins was stopped in Nigeria. You can be sure to have a swell time on this trip with lots of memory to keep for life.  Take a dive into the itinerary and see what the package has to offer.

Package Included/Excluded
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
  • Tours & Activities
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Not Included
  • Cruise Rides
Destination Map Location
Day 1
Airport Pick-Up

This package starts from a pick-up at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport or from your hotel in Calabar. The trip from Calabar to the Cross River National Park is approximately 50 minutes drive. You will be received by our well trained and courteous guide who will make your experience worth the while as much as possible.

Arrive at the Park in style, located in Akampa - a town famous for the setting of the book : Ralia the Sugar girl. A community that is very hospitable and makes visitors feel comfortable. while you are in Akampa, you are advised to make calls to family, friends and loved ones because you will soon be cut off the communications network. 

Finally, when you arrive in the Park, you are checked into your chalet and prepped up for the evening familiarization of the Park with your tour guide assigned to you.

Depending on your time of arrival into the Park, lunch may be served but dinner is certain. There are variety of local dishes to choose from. We implore you to try out as much local dishes as possible so you can get a good sense of the culinary experience.

Day 2
Cross River National Park
Safari Experience

Wake up to the enchanting call of nature. The birds are singing in their usual sonorous tune. Monkeys hopping from one tree to another and the morning dew of the rain forest setting on every leaf in sight. Its such a beautiful experience in one of the accredited bio-diversity ecotourism destinations in Nigeria.

Your guide will provide you with a binocular, just in case you don't have one. The wildlife needs to be zoomed for you to experience closely. You may want to engage in some morning work-out while breakfast is prepared for you to start your day. After breakfast, you may wish to rest for a short while before setting out for the safari experience. Be sure to grab a bottle of water to wet your throat.

After your safari tour, you will definitely be exhausted and would require as much rest and private time as you can get. Not to worry, there enough room to accommodate your rest and leisure. In between, you may wish to engage in some games or read a book while you bask in nature.

Lunch is served. After some more rest, it will be time to have some local experience. Join your guide on a walking tour into the town of Akampa. This gives you a more engaging time with the people of the town and an opportunity to get in touch with family, friends and loved ones again, over the phone.

Get back into the park to wrap up your day with a freshly prepared dinner and some moonlighting and story telling. Its sure a great way to wrap up your day.

Day 3
Explore Calabar City

You probably would have been waiting for this day to explore the city of Calabar after being holed up in the jungle exploring the wild. Wake up to another beautiful morning with the nature call. After breakfast, your guide will be ready to take you in a waiting vehicle for the days' experience. Hop in and drive off to Calabar with your start point being the marina resort.

Explore the slave history museum where you get to understand the peculiarity of the people of Calabar in relation to the happenings during the slave trade era. This experience could be very emotional, but not to worry, you will be fine in no time. You may wish to get some books to read further about the times of slavery.

Lunch will be at the Marina resort. You may choose to have lunch on a platform overlooking the Calabar river, having a view of the floating fuel station and also overlooking the Twin Island. If you don't have phobia, after lunch yo may want to take a boat cruise to the Twin island to explore the great historic monument as created and left behind by Mary Slessor.

Other activities are bound at the Marina resort for your pleasure. Take your time and have some fun. You will then proceed to explore the Drill ranch located within the city of Calabar. This is a place where rescued Drill monkeys are being kept and managed before being reintroduced into the wild. The Drill monkey is the second closest mammal to the human. Its sure a great sight to behold.

Tour the rest of the city and return to the Park to retire for the day after dinner. 

Day 4

Its time to call it a wrap on the tour. Wake up to your routine in the Park and freshen up as breakfast is being prepared. Ensure that your bags are packed and you are not leaving anything behind. We try as much as possible to give you a memorable experience, so your guide will prompt you to make a final check in the chalet, to be sure you are leaving nothing behind.

You will be driven to the airport or your hotel depending on your start point for the tour.

We look forward to having your review here as many others look forward to reading your experience to also experience same. Make your booking now and take the adventure of a lifetime.

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